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Last updated: July 8th, 2018


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.NET Framework

Setup Database (Entity Framework)

Create a database on your local machine. Minimum requirement: SQL Server 2008 Express Edition.

You can manually create a database or use the DataBus CLI to do it for you.

Create the database:

Indicium.DataBus.Host.exe create-database

Setup the database with the tables to store the configuration, authentication and authorisation details.

Setup the database content:

Indicium.DataBus.Host.exe upgrade-database

Also use this command to upgrade your database when installing a new version.

Install Service

You can install the INDICIUM DataBus to run in the background by installing it as a Windows Service.

Install Windows Service:

Indicium.DataBus.Host.exe install-service -s <serverName> -d <databaseName> -dir <dataDirectory>

Uninstall Windows Service:

Indicium.DataBus.Host.exe uninstall-service

Upgrade Example

Upgrading your INDICIUM DataBus can be completed through an automated process

Example Script:

Indicium.DataBus.Host.exe get-latest -p
powershell.exe -NoP -NonI -Command "Expand-Archive '.\\' '.\'" net stop "INDICIUM DataBus"
Indicium.DataBus.Host.exe uninstall-service
cd /INDICIUM-DataBus-<new-version>/
Indicium.DataBus.Host.exe upgrade-database
Indicium.DataBus.Host.exe install-service


Run from the directory containing the DataBus

Usage: indicium-database.host.exe [options] [command]

    -?  Show help information


    console            Run the INDICIUM DataBus on the console

        Usage: indicium-database.host.exe console

    create-database    Create an INDICIUM DataBus database in MS SQL Server
        Usage: indicium-database.host.exe create-database [options]

        -?|-h|--help          Show help information
        -s <servername>       The name or IP address of the SQL Server
        -d <database>         The name of the database
        -dir <datadirectory>  The directory for the database files
    upgrade-database   Upgrade the INDICIUM DataBus database using connection details specified in appsettings.json

        Usage: indicium-database.host.exe upgrade-database [options]

    install-service     Install the INDICIUM DataBus as a Windows Service. 
                        The service will be installed with a Delayed Start time.

        Usage: indicium-database.host.exe install-service [options]

        -?|-h|--help        Show help information
        -u <username>       Username of the account used to run the service. Default is Local System.
        -p <password>       Password of the account used to run the service. Default is Local System.

    uninstall-service  Uninstall the INDICIUM DataBus Windows Service.

        Usage: indicium-database.host.exe uninstall-service [options]    
    get-latest    Download the latest version from the INDICIUM Store

        Usage: indicium-database.host.exe get-latest [options]
		-?|-h|--help  Show help information
		-p      Path where file should be downloaded to
		-v   Specific version (eg. 1.3.45)		

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